Benefits of Cruising
Cruising is an ideal getaway foe Solo Travelers, Couples, Faminiles and Groups.
  • Its a GREAT VALUE in booking a cruise and can fit your lifestyle.  Your food, accommodations and most entertainment are included.
  • There is endless ENTERTAINMENT (shows, games, clubs for all ages) and OnBoard ACTIVITIES offered (day & night) for everyone to enjoy.
  • You are offered an ARRAY OF RESTAURANTS with various types of cuisine, as well as other fantastic foods by buffet, snack shops, and quick food options anytime day & late night.
  • There is ONBOARD SHOPPING, you can PAMPER YOURSELF and enjoy ADULT-ONLY areas as well.
  • You can enjoy TRUE OCEANVIEW ACCOMODATIONS and various cabin types & suites.
  • There are many ACCESSIBLE OPTIONS for travelers who need it.
Benefits of Cruising with a GROUP
Join one of my existing Group Cruises or Be a Group Leader
  • Group attendees receive extra perks courtesy of the Cruiseline, such as a cocktail party, group photo sessions, onboard credit, other discounts and more that the group leader can chose from in advance
  • group Attendees receive possible gifts within their cabin from travel agent
  • Its an awesome opportunity to socialize
  • Its fun sharing stories with others at dinner, at pool bars, poolside, etc
  • Its fun enjoying excursions with a group
  • Assigned seating within the dining room with your group members, if you chose to partake in formal dining
Benefits of Being a Group Leader
Just get your group together and receive amazing perks!
  • Group Leaders can obtain Tour Conductor Credits towards comp(s) off your cruisefare
  • Group Leaders can receive exclusive gifts
  • Group Leaders are recognized as such and given priority when activities are held